😃 Norfolk is the BEST

Eight Reasons You Should Visit Norfolk!

Today’s paper says it all!

I sing the praises of Norfolk on a regular basis but my love for this county isn’t unfounded.
1. You’ll be hard pressed to find a place with more independents
Independent shops, food producers, restaurants, cafés, salons and more. Norfolk is full of beautiful local businesses and it’s also a fantastic place to start your own because we love to buy local. There’s even an initiative to get more people spending money with local businesses.
2. It doesn’t rain that much
Norfolk has one of the lowest rainfalls in the UK. Sure, it can get a bit chilly but at least it’s not wet.
3. It’s beautiful
Big skies, rolling hills, swathes of green fields, and plenty of wildlife to watch means that you’re never stuck for somewhere, or something, to photograph. Beyond the picturesque countryside there are little market towns, villages strung with bunting, plenty of striking churches and there’s Norwich Castle too.
4. There’s always something to do
Right now in Norwich you can’t move for dragons. This interactive sculpture trail from the charity Break is a fantastic way to explore the city and see the work of some very talented artists. This kind of fun isn’t a one off, however, wherever you are in Norfolk, there will always be something to do.
Norwich was host to Radio 1’s Big Weekend, we have our very own fashion week and there are festivals and fêtes going on throughout the county, especially during the summer months.
5. It’s quirky
From The famous Puppet Man, through to the people that gather at the side of the road to spot a rare bird. We have duck races, a crab and lobster festival, plenty of real ale tastings, and even some outdoor cinema showings too.
6. Art, culture, music and literature
Norwich is a City of Literature, it’s full of amazing book shops such as The Book Hive, and you can’t move for little theatres and gig venues.
As far as theatres go in Norwich, you’ll find the big shows at The Theatre Royal, thought-provoking plays at The Maddermarket Theatre, hilarious comedy at The Playhouse and puppet shows at The Puppet Theatre.
Outside of Norwich you have even more variety with Sheringham Little Theatre offering all kinds of amazing plays, comedy and music throughout the year.
For those of you who like a variety show, Cromer Pier’s Pavilion Theatre has an amazing summer show that shouldn’t be missed. It’s the only ‘End of the Pier’ show in Europe!
King’s Lynn has the Corn Exchange where you’ll find plenty of music, comedians and popular shows, while Thetford plays hosts to some huge stars in the glorious setting of the forest.
7. You’re always close to the countryside
Even when you’re in the centre of Norwich, you’re never really more than 30 minutes from the countryside. Depending on where you are, it’s easy to quickly surround yourself with beautifully flat vistas, delicious rolling hills, towering pines, or long stretches of beach.
Norfolk is mostly countryside dotted with a few towns and villages so if you love the outdoors, you’ll be stuck for choice if you move here.  8.The beach is never too far away
Even when you’re at the furthest possible point from the coast in Norfolk, you’re still only about 40 miles from the nearest beach. This means day trips to the seaside are always a good idea so make sure to pack swimwear!
It’s likely, though, that you’ll be a lot closer to the sea if you do move to Norfolk. This means you can enjoy beautiful coastal drives, dog walks on the sand, beach parties and more on a regular basis.
Other locals keep telling me to stop promoting our county to outsiders but I like to share and I feel everyone should experience the joys of living in this amazing county.